Deskom Smart Purchase Solutions (Aka Logistics Private Limited)

Company Name: Aka Logistics Private Limited

About Aka Logistics: While we keep on hearing about the non-availability of coal from Coal India leading to an increase in power cost due to procurement of imported coal, we rarely speak about coal logistic inefficiencies in the entire system and proper functioning of coal handling plants in Power plants that feed coal stock. AKA logistics is a one-stop-shop that provides these services to the power plants. We specialize in Coal Supervision & Logistics and O&M support to Thermal Power plants. (Collected from Aka Logistics Official Website –

Solution: Material Management, Purchase Management, Inventory

Technology Used: Open Source MVC Framework, MySQL Database

Modules : Project: Indent Creation, RFQ, Purchase Order,  Inspection: Multi type Inspection System, Inventory: GRN, Stock Report